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Our strategies have boosted our clients' business.

We were established in 2019 and headquartered in Montreal, Canada. During the 4 years of operation, we have worked alongside partners in all sectors and verticals.


Through a combination of strategy, content creation, and community management, we were able to increase La Voûte’s social media followers, engagement, and overall online presence. All of this translated into more notoriety for La Voûte and a significant increase in their reservations.


We helped Escondite franchise owners craft a cohesive brand voice and visual identity, and worked with them to create and curate engaging and high-quality content that resonated with their target audience. And with our custom franchisee portal, we were able to streamline their operations and increase their number of locations.


We were involved with PALMA*, the newest hot spot of Montreal, with all their marketing efforts, from website design, content creation, menu design and much more. Through our comprehensive marketing strategy, we were able to help PALMA increase their brand awareness and attract new customers.


We worked with Gokudo to develop a cohesive brand voice and visual identity, and collaborated with them to produce compelling, high-quality content that resonated with their target audience. Through our efforts, we increased Gokudo’s social media presence and notoriety and saw an increase in their visits.

Collège Marie de France

To support CIMF in hosting a successful virtual open house, we developed a comprehensive strategy that included promoting the event through social media and email marketing, as well as creating engaging 360 ° virtual content that we integrated on their website.


In order to help Nutriluxe reach their marketing objectives, our team crafted a multifaceted plan that included targeted digital advertising campaigns, social media content development, and website optimization for search engines. Our efforts were instrumental for Nutriluxe’s success and increase their online presence.

Meritt Payments

The website our team developed, and our targeted social media strategies, played a key role in helping Meritt Payments  successfully reach and engage a larger target audience, resulting in increased brand awareness and sales.


Thanks to our international team we were able to help Miami VIP Boat Rental create high quality content, reach new clients through our targeted ads and whatsapp marketing. Potential clients can now chat directly with Miami VIP Boat Rentals to get answers for their questions book faster than ever.

Sofas du Monde

While the Canadian and Quebecois furniture industry once primarily comprised large, family-owned companies, the sector’s landscape is now far more complex.
By creating and designing a high-quality website, we were able to significantly increase sales for Sofas du Monde. In addition, by consistently posting on their social media, this led to a significant increase in foot traffic to their stores.

212 Montreal

As a result of our efforts, we were able to generate significantly more leads for 212, resulting in increased foot traffic and overall revenue for the restaurant. Our successful marketing strategy not only helped to highlight the incredible offerings on 212’s new menu, but also served to strengthen the restaurant’s brand presence and establish it as a go-to destination for foodies in the local area. Overall, our marketing efforts were integral in driving business growth and success for 212.


As part of our comprehensive marketing strategy for Terrasac, we aimed to expand the company’s reach and client base by establishing an educational ecommerce platform that not only effectively communicated the environmental benefits of the product, but also streamlined the purchasing process for customers by making a user-friendly and intuitive website design.

Koa Lua

Our marketing efforts for Koa Lua were centered around creating engaging and visually appealing content, as well as utilizing targeted social media ad campaigns to reach a highly targeted audience. We also worked closely with Koa Lua’s team to develop visually appealing graphics and social media posts that helped to increase engagement and attract new followers and new clients.

Hanzō Izakaya

As part of our marketing strategy for Hanzo, we focused on increasing engagement on the restaurant’s social media platforms and driving reservations. To achieve these goals, we implemented targeted social media ad campaigns and regularly posted engaging content on the company’s social media pages. We also worked with the Hanzo team to create high-quality graphics and visual content that effectively communicated the value of the restaurant’s offerings to potential customers.


To attract more potential customers and showcase the value of the restaurant’s offerings we crafted top-notch graphics and visual content that match Biiru’s brand identity. We also implemented a strategic marketing plan that included ramping up engagement on Biiru’s social media channels that drove reservations. We did this by launching targeted ad campaigns on social media and consistently shared engaging content on the restaurant’s pages.

Imperial Fitness

Imperial Fitness saw a significant increase in engagement on their social media platforms after implementing a consistent posting schedule and creating high-quality content with excellent and on brand graphic design. In addition, by highlighting specific treatments and offering a custom booking platform, they were able to attract more bookings and gym memberships.

Jaco Uomo

By revamping, streamlining and creating a unique online presence, Jaco Uomo’s ecommerce saw twice as many sales. By showcasing their star products, creating bundle promotions and engaging in highly targeted and efficient ads we were able to accomplish their goal of not only increasing their online notoriety and engagement but also increase their sales and therefore their revenue.

Optimal Stretch Clinic

By consistently creating content that highlighted the expertise of the team at Optimal Stretch Clinic, the clinic saw a significant increase in bookings for stretching services. Additionally, we created a custom booking engine for them, which enabled potential customers to choose specific treatments that were not previously available thus helping them further grow their business.

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